Be conscious about your DOMINANT THOUGHTS

Be conscious about your DOMINANT THOUGHTS

On an average 60,000 thoughts strike our mind each day.
It is difficult to control our thoughts.
What we can do is to shift our thoughts from negative to positive ones.

–> Dominant Thoughts

What you focus on expands.
If your dominant thoughts are negative, you shall tend to become pessimistic. If you hold positive thoughts, you become more optimistic.
So, it is vital to be conscious about your dominant thoughts. Dominant thoughts are the representation of your inner.
That’s why it is necessary to fix them if they are negative.

—// How can you change your dominant thoughts?

The best way to revolutionize your thought process is by getting in touch with your inner self.
Once you experience that your capabilities are infinite, ill feelings about fellow beings shall disappear.
Jealousy, I-am-not-enough, fear & hatred will soon turn into compassion, abundance, love & kindness.

—// Stop Comparing

Avoid comparisons.
We all are potentially equally capable.
God has bestowed us all with abundance.

—// How your dominant thoughts must look like?

I’m a powerhouse of infinite energy.
I can do wonders if I can direct my energies in right direction.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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