Publicize: Connecting Your Blog to Social Platforms (Automation)

Publicize: Connecting Your Blog to Social Platforms (Automation)

If you use WordPress for your Blog then you can automate your blogposts on Google+, Twitter, Facebook & other prominent social platforms.

–> Publicize

The benefit of using publicize is that your blogpost gets
automatically updated on social platforms.

–> How to use publicize:

Simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to your dashboard

Step 2: Click on “Sharing”.

The following widow opens.



Step 3: Just click on the social network icon you wish to link for automatic updates on your blog.

Step 4: Further when you move ahead, authentication shall be required. That is you need to login to your social networking site.

Step 5: You shall be requested to grant PUBLICIZE to access your social networks so that it can update links of blogposts to the social networking site.

(The permission it seeks is just like those of Apps.
It is a trusted service by WordPress. So, don’t worry about any issues related to Identity thefts or misuse of your profile on social networks).

By completing Step 5, you have activated publicize for a particular social networking website.
You can repeat the same process for other websites.

I have used publicize tool to link it with my fb page.
Now, blogs are updated automatically on my fb fanpage as given below:



So, it saves my time.
I don’t have to share it at multiple places.
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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