Don’t mind ‘SOME’ bad days.

Don’t mind ‘SOME’ bad days.

In life there shall be some bad days.
Unproductive, difficult & unpleasant days are inevitable.
We can make a choice to be happy on those days.

–> Bad Days

When we encounter a bad day, we forget all good days & golden memories we had in life.
We incline towards negativity.
Shift your mood.
Recall all great days & people you are thankful for.
Take deep breaths.
Relax a bit.

–> Persevere

Re-start working on your goals.
Bad days are beyond our comfort zone.
So, the harder you work in days of crisis, the easier & better life shall become.
This is the time to strike to goals with full intensity.
This is the time when you can get to know your true potential. This is the time to work on your short-comings.

–> Break or Bend

Be firm & committed to ‘bend’ at hard times instead of ‘breaking’. Tough times demand ACTION over ANXIETY.
They are opportunities in disguise.
Feeling helpless is not an option.
You have to take immediate actions to get over devastating situations. Treat situations of crisis as emergencies.
Prompt actions are needed to put things back into order.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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