Review of “We’re Corporates” by Sudarsan Nagarajan

Review of “We’re Corporates” by Sudarsan Nagarajan


We're Corporates

It’s a remarkable work by the author.
It’s an inspiring fable.
It describes beautifully the predicament of corporate professionals. Being an engineer, the book touched to the core of my heart. I RATE IT AS 5/5.
It’s a must read for professionals.
It’s a lovely book that throws light on the plight of developers in IT Sector. They are over-burdened with work.
They are often paid less.

The story is about 3 people from corporates.
The main character is Suraj, who joins an IT company after completion of his engineering degree.
He is dedicated & passionate about his work.
He works day in & day out for the company.

Ajay too works in an IT company.
He decides to quit his job.
After making a tough decision of quitting his job, he sits for IBPS.

Meghna is a girl who with lot of difficulties & hard-work completes her engineering degree.
She is cloud nine when she gets recruited in one of the IT Company. But after working day in & day out for the company, she feels stuck. She faces the inhumane treatment from managers.
She decides to leave her job & enjoy with her friends.

Ajay on the other hand, with his efforts clears the IBPS examination. Due to recession, Suraj is terminated from the company.
Due to financial constraints his father starts working as Security Guard at an age after 60.
Suraj feels bad for he worked relentlessly for the company & now he is fired from it.
He decides to do something instead of joining another company. He now aspires to give job to people instead of seeking one. Will he be able to build a company despite of financial constraints? What role shall Ajay & Meghna play in his life?
Can one come out from the trap of corporates?

To know more grab a copy of “We’re Corporates” through the link below:

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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