Review of “Love beyond Words” by Himanshika Sharma

Review of “Love beyond Words” by Himanshika Sharma


Love beyond words by Himanshika Sharma

The ‘Love beyond Words’ by Himanshika Sharma is a wonderful read. The best part of the novel is that you can find recent romantic songs. The loving songs touch you with unique experience.
The language is simple yet intriguing.

The story is about Kriti, who suffers from Arthritis.
After finding & losing her first love, Dhruv the life of Kriti changes dramatically.
She feels incompetent due to her illness.
She begins to believe why will someone get in love with her? Until she discover Kunal, who is the coolest guy of her school. She is informed by one of her classmates that Kunal intends to just use her. So, Kriti plans to give a lesson to Kunal for playing on with girls. But she gets to know after a while that Kunal loves her madly. He plans to celebrate her B’day at his place & introduce her to his family. His family agrees for marriage despite her ailments.
After suffering a lot from destiny, Kriti thanks God for her plans. Story takes a turn when Kunal’s grandma meets Kriti & tells her to go away from life of Kunal, reminding her of her illness.
For the sake of Kunal’s love she decides to go away from his life forever. They depart.
5 years later, accidently, they meet again at Chandigarh.
What shall happen now?
The feelings have remained intact.
They still love each other from core of their heart.
Does Kunal know about the conversation between Kriti & his grandma? What will be there next move?

To know more grab a copy of ‘Love beyond Words’ through the link given below:

I rate it as 4.5/ 5.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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