Sacrifice what you are!

Sacrifice what you are!

Sacrifice “what you are” in order to become “what you want to be”. You may need to change yourself a little to achieve your dreams.

–> Habits

* Hard-work: There is no short-cut to success.
So, if you are not a hard-working person, become one.

* Self-learning: Extra-ordinary & sustained success is possible only when you invest in self-learning.
Buy more books.
Meet new people.
They shall add a tinge of new color to your life.

* Faith: Life is short to play small. You have to trust something in life- your karma, destiny, luck or hard-work.
It shall help you to ignore initial failures in life.
It shall make you unstoppable.
Asking: Ask if you don’t understand. Learning is much more important than getting ridiculed.
So, don’t hesitate to seek assistance or ask a question.

* Give Back: Giving back is vital. Don’t be too greedy about money. It can be earned easily through hard-work.
Giving back is a sign of gratitude you have for millions of people who are behind your success.

–> Procrastination

Get out of the habit of delaying your work.
Do it right NOW.
It’s now or never.

–> Be Positive

Be the center of positive magnetism.
Don’t lose your fragrance as a Human Being.

Don’t use excuses of others to stop you from following your dreams. Work-hard & be always on the path to your dreams.
Be among those few who realize their dreams.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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