Pain is temporary.

Pain is temporary.

Remember, pain is temporary.
Quitting is permanent.
The journey to extra-ordinary success is NOT EASY.
At times, you may feel like giving up.
Situations may be hard & abandoning an idea may seem a good option. It is necessary that in such tough circumstances you choose “Pain over Quitting”.
Be hopeful.
Nothing bad will happen.
On the other side if you go for “Quitting”, the regret of not following your heart may last long.
You may feel bad for not trying hard.
Failures are inevitable in life.
Giving up your ideas because the road is rigid is not an option. Try hard.
Get up early, stay late.
Do whatever it requires to realize your dreams.
If you wish astounding success in your life, hard work is unavoidable.

–> Don’t Mind

Don’t mind few failures along the way.
Don’t mind hard-work from your part.
Don’t mind working at late night.
Don’t mind some sacrifices.
Don’t mind some uncomfortable instances.

Leave “every comfort” that is presently hindering you from achieving your dreams.
Reject “activities” that serve as an obstacle to your stunning success. Let your actions be inclined to your dreams.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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