Cracking Competitive Examinations: ‘Supplement’

Cracking Competitive Examinations: ‘Supplement’

Reading is one of the fundamental habits that need to be inculcated to build vital knowledge base.
It might require reading a lot.
It’s difficult to read for longer hours.
The best way is to supplement Reading + YouTube videos.

–> YouTube

When you feel bored after long sessions of reading, take a break. Search the key concepts learned on YouTube.
You will surely get some good videos’ over the requisite topic. Download those which are of 10-15 minutes.
The main advantage of this strategy is that ‘videos’ may offer a different perspective about the subject’.

–> Hobby

You can pursue your hobbies with your studies.
It helps to increase your creativity.
Hobbies act as Mind Exercises.
It provides the refreshment required to resume your studies again.

So, you need to supplement your studies with “something” that can keep you fresh & engaged.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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