Review of “Hidden Husband” By Shikha Kaul

Review of “Hidden Husband” By Shikha Kaul

‘Some Secrets Never Leave You’.


Hidden Husband by Shikha Kaul

It’s a fantastic read with lots of twists & turns in the story. The unique thing about “Hidden Husband” is that you can find accounts of some recent events that happened in India few months back. Be it 16th Dec. tragedy, landslides & flash floods in one of the states of India, or killing of innocent kids in neighboring country. It reflects the plight of women in India.
How at an early age they may be abused & little choices they are allowed to make.

Conversation of Aisha with God in dreams at one point is really an appreciable effort by the author.

The title “Hidden Husband” may leave you wondering about it for some time. Still “Hidden Husband” is justified by the story plotted.
The story is about Aisha, who is a Punjabi girl.
She is HR Consultant in one of a company at Gurgaon.
She falls in love with Raghav, who is from Ranchi.
Due to cultural differences & family problems@ Raghav, marrying to Aisha is a daunting task without the consent of his family.
So, they decide to go for a court marriage.
With many difficulties they make it successful.
So, what’s next?
Will they ever be able to confront about their court marriage to their parents? Aisha meets Sameer, an old friend from school.
What role shall Sameer play to her life?
Why the guy never mattered to Aisha now feels sensible?

I rate it as 5/5.

To find out what happens next: Grab Your Copy of “Hidden Husband” through the link below :

You can get in touch with her through her fb fan page:

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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