Adversities: Just Seasons

Adversities: Just Seasons

Don’t give up.
Adversities don’t last long.
They culminate into fortunes.
Stay strong.
Face the hard-times with grit & perseverance.
Try again.
Situations may be against you but you can control them to some extents.

–> Hard-work

The hard-work you do when things are against you generates confidence. The end results of your perseverance shall be stunning.
Have faith.
Keep pushing ahead.

–> Love Yourself

Hardships are times when we feel most alone.
Only few people remain at such times.
So, never forget to have faith in yourself.
Love yourself.
Embrace yourself.
Make it a habit to feel good about you whether you succeed or fail. Success shall always attract many relationships to your life. Failures shall always repel many relationships from you.
So, be with those who remain at tough times with you.
They are real.
Trust them.

Rough periods don’t last long.
It’s we who just give up early.
Resolve yourself to do best in bad times.
You shall be able to perform much better in good times.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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