Time versus Money

Time versus Money

Undoubtedly time wins over money.
Time is a scarce resource.
Money can be earned.
But our time on this earth is limited.
Each day we receive a chunk from “limited time” we have on this earth. So, your time is very precious.
Don’t spend it with wrong people.
Time is something we must spend judiciously.
Be very watchful about your time.
Be careful how you spend it.
There is no other way.
Be vigilant about your time.

–> Loved ones.

Spend 90% of your time with loved ones.
(Spare time left after your work)

You can earn money back.
But time once gone can never be regained.
Make the best use of your time.

–> 1 hour for yourself.

It’s very easy to let in the noise from the outer world.
To get back to your work with a fresh mind, you need to flush out external noise.
For that you need to have self-talks with yourself.
Have positive self-talks with yourself.
Keep one hour for Deep Breathing & Meditation.

–> Little Joys.

Money can never buy little joyous moments.
Spending time with family, playing with your kids, pursuing your hobby, etc. are vital for forming “golden memories”.
They shall be the moments you shall cherish in life.
They provide significance to life.

You shall always be happy if you spend your time with nice people in a good way. Money can never compensate the joy of “little” yet vital things in life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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