How to boost your self-confidence

How to boost your self-confidence

“Inaction breeds doubt & fear.
Action breeds confidence & courage.”
-Dale Carnegie

We get confidence when we successfully experience doing what we fear of. The best way to feel confident is to get out & get busy.
Do something.
You may fail a couple of times.
But finally you shall overcome your fears.
Once you do that courage & confidence are by-products.

–> Action Action Action

Do things that you fear the most.
We are often caged by our comfort zone.
It would be difficult to get out of your comfort zone.
Still keep pushing.
Keep going beyond your limits.
Your limits shall increase by leaps & bound.

–> Public Speaking

Better public speaking skills builds up self-confidence.
So, try improving your communication skills.
It shall help you to be at ease when you interact & learn from others.

–> Take decisions

Take decisions firmly.
Go ahead with your gut feeling.
Once you have taken your decisions, stick to them.
Sticking to them shall imbibe a feeling of confidence in you.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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