What if “Law of attraction doesn’t work?”

What if “Law of attraction doesn’t work?”

No worries.
Still being negative isn’t an option.
If you hold negative emotions, life throws at you fear.
We fear people.
We get frightened by circumstances.
We look pathetic.
When we feel positive about life & people around us, we are able to produce stunning results.
When we completely trust the environment, we experience a bond of love with the cosmos.
It helps us to constantly move forward.
It helps us to align ourselves to the universe.
We come to believe that universe is constantly trying to make us more happy & blissful.

So, to feel aligned to the positive & nurturing nature, we have to be very optimistic about life.
It opens the door to rare experiences in life.
Rare experiences of being exceptionally confident & bright.
It opens the door to experience the image of God in each living being. Start living a life with infinite possibilities.
We all have potentials to feel higher levels of happiness in our life. We all have capabilities to turn our dreams into reality.

The real question is not if “The law of attraction works or not?”. But it’s if you can be happy by being devoid of positive thoughts.

The hack to life is to be positive & expect the BEST out of people & situations.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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