How to Be Happy: Be in ‘PRESENT’

How to Be Happy: Be in ‘PRESENT’

Being happy is easy when one lives in PRESENT.
It becomes a hard thing when we either get stuck in the PAST or think about the FUTURE.
We often think too much.
Instead of over-thinking, one must concentrate on getting things done.

–> Just Do.

Don’t think about what other people shall say.
You just have limited time on this earth.
We all are here temporarily.
So, don’t let your past steal your present.
Don’t let your past limit you.
What you couldn’t do yesterday, may be possible today.

–> Present is really a PRESENT

Each day, give thanks to God for giving one extra day to be with your loved ones.
Each day is crucial to our life.
We can change the direction of our life.
We just need to make good choices.

–> Count your PRESENTS

What gifts God had given you? Recognise them.
They may be your talents.
Constantly FOCUS on how easy your life is.
Most live with “Bare Minimum”.
For them internet is a luxury.

So, you are still at an advantaged state, make use of it to sour high in your life.
Do return back something to the world that has given so much to you.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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