Entrepreneurship: Multi-skills is Prerequisite

Entrepreneurship: Multi-skills is Prerequisite.

When you start a new venture, the first & foremost obstacle is that you cannot hire professional services in the beginning.
So, you need to be multi-skilled.
You have to be good at Negotiation & Persuasion Skills.

–> People’s Skill.

It is the most important skill.
As an entrepreneur, you shall have to meet much people.
They shall be from different professions.
So, to communicate well, you must know the “basics” of their field.

–> Analyzing Documents

You shall have to sign deeds.
So, you must be well aware of such stuffs.

–> Social Media Marketing

Learn it. It is crucial for getting in touch with customers in a short time.

–> Internet Marketing

Your company’s presence on internet adds more authenticity & credibility to it.

–> Building Connections

You shall have to outsource some of your works.
For that you shall need connections.
Also, reference works well in industry to get assignments.
So, don’t forget to serve your clients.

–> Ability to Re-learn

The Business world has become very competitive.
Without the ability to re-learn, you may not be able to steer your company in the right direction.
So, entrepreneurship is a lifestyle whereby you need to be
multi-skilled to co-ordinate company’s day to day business.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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