If you don’t like it : you won’t accumulate it.

If you don’t like it : you won’t accumulate it.

People reiterate that ‘Materialism’ has made their life complex. The urge to accumulate fascinating things has never heralded peace in life. Still some crave for it.
They are after it.
The real question is if you don’t like them then why you accumulate such things?

–> Weakness Within

In life, if you feel attached to material things & find it hard to get without them, know that, it reflects weakness within.
Fragility to leave ‘materialistic stuffs’ may point to your various insecurities you hold within.
It may be you may lose friends, no one shall respect you or people will make fun of you.
There are other 1000’s of reasons.

–> Compromise

Few resolve to take firm stand on their ideas.
Most people don’t take a stand.
They go with the flow of majority.
Most people make a compromise.
They just work-hard to earn livelihood as per their status quo. In other areas of life, they wish to relax.

–> That’s the source of UNHAPPINESS!

That’s the cost.
We go on accumulating money & wealth without really embracing & enjoying life. Life loses its lustre without the presence of ‘Real Happiness’ in our lives. So, start working from today on areas besides your academics & professional life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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