Don’t Play Safe.

Don’t Play Safe.

The drawback of playing safe is that we don’t take adequate risks. When we play safe we compromise with our dreams in the short-term. In the long-term too we may settle for something insignificant. Playing safe is also used as an excuse.
It’s an excuse for not displaying your true efforts.
Giving your BEST performance requires hard-work & perseverance. People are unwilling to work-hard & leave their comfort zone. So, don’t be restricted by your comfort zone.

–> Try ‘New Ideas’.

If an idea didn’t worked few years back, it may work now.
So, keep trying ideas.
Try to figure out reasons, if they don’t work out.
‘Reasons’ shall help you in life ahead.

–> Get Hurt!

If you wish to learn in life, ask a lot.
Ask Ask Ask.
People may not reply to your questions at times.
But what really is necessary is that you KEEP ASKING.
If one doesn’t reply you, ask another person.
Don’t mind some insults or ‘putting you down’ attitude of some people. Most people respond in a friendly manner.

–> Be Responsible
Accept if you failed.
Resolve to do better next time.
Prepare well & hard.
Blame none.
Take the responsibilities of your action.
It helps to succeed in life in the long-term.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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