People will SLOW down.

Most start with zeal & passion towards their goals.
Most are motivated & focused in the beginning.
Few remain so in the middle & thereafter.
So, knowing this is a great technique to excel in life.

》People Will Slow down.

Now, you know that people will slow down in the middle.
So, what you can do is that “Start with a moderate pace and then ACCELERATE! !”.

Try to keep your pace constant.
Be committed to the strategy that you shall “Accelerate ” soon.

》Why it works.

Initially, when you start to focus on your goals, it’s tough.
First of all you have to make your foundations strong.
The ones who are enthusiastic initially,  feel exhaustive in the end.
The proccess requires perseverance.
You have a different strategy:  it’s a normal pace “with momentum in the middle & thereafter”.
It just means you are prepared.
Most people are unprepared mentally.
So, soon they leave track of achieving goals.
They haven’t planned to give a momentum in the end.
Hence, they don’t.
Leaving a room for you excel.
So, be sure to make this principle work for you.

“When everyone slows down, you MUST accelerate then”.

Hope so, you make use of this principle to succeed in the near future.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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