Why Blogging is Cool?

Why blogging is cool?

First of all Blogging is a very fascinating term.
Few people are doing it relentlessly.
So, to come across a blogger is a RARE INCIDENCE.

–> You can Share links of your blogpost on Social Networks.

You can showcase your creativity.
Let the world know your genius.
You can share your creative ideas and works.

–> Share your Experiences.

You watched a movie, post its review.
You read a book, share its experience.
It shall help your friends & acquaintances to decide whether they should watch a movie or read a book.
Similarly, you can share your experience of a place you visited recently. You can share your ideas you are working on.

–> Instead of ‘writing again’, you can share a link of your blogpost.

Suppose a friend of yours seeks advice regarding – work, life & balance. And if you had written a blogpost on this topic, you can just refer your friend to that blogpost.

Blogging is an emerging & powerful platform.
In the near future, it shall be a nice skill to reach to people.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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