Skills of 21st Century- You Must Have.

Hone your skills that are vital for you.

–> Communication Skills.

Good Communication Skills are must. If you are not good at it, do work upon it in graduation.
If you fail to do the so in graduation, it becomes hard to the same in future.

–> Technical Skills.

Whatever may be the area of your graduation, technology cannot be ignored. Make it a point to learn Blogging & Website Development in spare times. As they help in building an online self-image.
Personal Branding has become an important feature of internet. You shall get paid more than others if you invest in online personal branding.

–> Reading Skills.

This is the most important skill for your life.
You can learn almost anything if you read from good & standard resources. Self-learning is not possible without inculcating an habit of reading regularly.

–> People’s Skill.

It plays a crucial role in real life.
How you interact with people?
How you resolve conflicts?
How good are you in team work?
Are you likable among your colleagues?

If the answer to above question is AVERAGE then you need to work upon your people’s skill.

–> Networking Skills.

At workplace or in business, we get chances to interact with people from different sectors & domains.
Remaining in touch with them shall help you to seek information from their areas of expertise.
They are ‘Insiders’ of their filed.
So, they are aware of the know-how of their works.
You can seek guidance & information from them.
Hence, networking is a good way to learn from each other’s expertise.

By using above two simple principles, you can make your graduation & life ahead awesome.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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