Create a back-up: 4 years of Graduation.

Create a back-up: 4 years of Graduation

As you start your graduation, don’t begin as everyone does.
Have some goals for 4 years.
Most students jump into graduation without goals.
(Though they have dreams. But dreams without goals remain dreams.) The world has become fiercely competitive.
If you wish to land into a nice job after graduation- work on your skills. Two things you must focus on: Honing your skills & creating a back-up. Since you are going to rely on self-learning, therefore it may still not be possible to get a job.


What also plays a major role is your percentage in 10th, 12th & graduation. The college of your graduation & its reputation is also vital for getting placed in a reputed MNC.
Your communication skills also matter to great extent.
(Cannot be ignored if you wish to get placed in a MNC).

So, the strategy is to create a back-up while simultaneously honing ones skills.
Creating a back-up is necessary. It shall act as a cushion in bad times when you shall be searching for a job.
The process may be stressful. But because you have a back-up, you can remain a bit more calm & composed.
There won’t be extreme pressures to take up a job by the end of your graduation. Back-up must be something that shall help you to earn a considerable amount of money (your month’s expense).
It must not take more than 2-3 hours of activities to earn the above sum of money.
You can dedicate the rest of your day for your goals & dreams.

–> Creating a back-up.

Follow your passion. Look constantly for activities & things you like to do. Find if that can be put into use to generate cash flow. It may be blogging, creative writing, and website development, editing videos through different softwares, event management or freelancing.

Choose one thing.
Make a commitment to get better at it with each passing day. With constant efforts, you shall be an expert at it.
Your job is almost done!
Once you are an expert, you are employable.
You can freelance your services.
In case, you don’t land up to your dream job, you can continue freelancing your services until you succeed in realizing your dreams.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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