Writing Skills: The Road Ahead to Competitive Examinations.

SSC- CGL : Tier-3 may be introduced in the coming future.
It shall comprise of “Descriptive Questions” & Essays.

UPSC ESE: The examination pattern may make a shift by changing GA paper  from Multiple Question Based to Descriptive one.

SBI PO : Essay Writing Test has already been introduced.

The same may be extended to IBPS in future.

So, as per the forecasts, in future it would be really difficult to compete without writing skills to land yourself into a govt. job.
So, be prepared.

》Work on your ‘writing skills’.

Till know you have understood the necessity of good writing skills in the coming days.
So, don’t wait.
Start working on your vocabulary & structure framing.

》Other Benefits.

–> State PCS & UPSC CSE require good writing skills to crack their MAINS examination.

–> If you have good writing skills you can go for UPSC AC ( Assistant Commandant ) examination too.

–> Business Communication

Good writing skills are imperative even if you work in a start-up or in professional world.
It becomes a necessity if you are self-employed.

So, being good at writing & expressing oneself is a win-win situation whether you go for govt. sector or private sector.

You can make the most out of this blogpost if you commit yourself to “Improve Your Writing Skills”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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