How much time does it takes to set-up a blog?

If you have 3G internet connectivity, 1 Hours is Maximum.

Steps to set-up a blog in just an hour:

》Choose the service.

Whether you wish to use WordPress or

–> Log on to

Choose a subdomain.
I use “stayfoolish2day”.

–> Fill up primary information.

Name, Password,  e-mail, etc.
Next step is to e-mail confirmation.
Just log in to your mail box & follow the link in mail received from wordpress.

–> Customise the Blog.

Choose a theme for your blog.
Some would be unpaid services others may cost in dollars.
Set a background image, logo & colour for your blog.

–> Add Widgets.

Like “Top Posts”, ” Link to your fb page “, “Goodreads”, “Archive Section”, “Search a post” &  so on.
You can add widgets which you require presently.

》It All can be changed.

The background, logo, theme, colour, etc can be changed at a later date.
So, no worries!!!

》Add a Post.

You are ready add a blogpost.
Start blogging.
It’s simple & easy.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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