Does ‘Blogging’ empowers?

Blogging is a great platform to express your thoughts & share your experiences.
Besides that it is a platform that empowers you.
It’s a very powerful media.

》Tackling Injustice.

If you have good number of followers & visitors on your blog & if you face any INJUSTICE, you can write a blogpost on that matter.
It may go viral.
It may recieve attention of concerned authorities.
And your grievances shall be resolved soon.

》Raising Issues.

If you discover or believe a matter to be raised, you can do so using blogging platform.
You can raise the problems people face.
And if your followers or visitors share it, it shall reach to concerned people & authorities.
The problem shall get fixed promptly.

》Launching a Movement.

Few weeks ago, I launched a movement on fb.
It was named #MovementStayFoolish.
It’s aim is to promote Self-learning among people.
And how to live a happy, meaningful & responsible life.
It has won much appreciations in a very short time.
One can launch movements relating to other social causes too.

》Reviewing a Product.

You can keep your readers informed about products you use.
If you don’t like a product, give a poor rating & recommend ‘Not to Use it’.
If you like & use a product & have found it to be beneficial to your life, do suggest it to your readers too.
It shall help people to select better services & products.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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