How to make your Graduation Awesome.

It took a little while for me to figure out how to make your experience @college thrilling & full of learning.

Here’s what I believe “what” makes your experience in college ‘exciting & unforgettable’ no matter where your college is located & what’s it’s reputation.

》 Build a ‘team’.

Get yourself surrounded with positive & encouraging friends.
Choose your friends wisely.
They should have “goodness-in-them”- no matter how they look or what’s their background may be.
Once you have your “own” team, you can enjoy movies, sight-seeing, birthday parties, or group activities “TOGETHER”.

》 Do Something. Innovate.

I would recommend sooner you start, the better it would be.

–>May be you can set-up a multi-member blog (MMB) using WordPress or ( a service by Google ) .

–> Reading Books.

Buy lots of book.
You gonna be for 4 years in college.
( 3 years for B.A., BCA , B.Sc, etc )
Exchange it with others.
Have “Reading Challenge” with each other.
Create an environment of reading culture.

–>  Watch Exciting Movies.

But most importantly discuss what you liked about it.
Discuss if it had any inherent message for life.

–> Hands-on with real-life.

Interact with professionals.
Ask about their job roles.
What are the skills ones need to hone.
Ask questions that are a cause of worry for you.

–> Use Facebook.

Interaction with people who are doing really great in life is essential to get acquaint with “their ideas”.
In the end, it may help you to have “your own ideas”.
You deploy facebook as a medium for same.

–> Be interested in “College”.

Interact with more friends,  juniors,  seniors as you can.
Learn from them.
( But continue this till pre-last year.
Keep last year to spearhead in the direction of your dreams).

–> Be Open. Try “New” things.

Graduation is the best time to try new things.
It shall help in life ahead a lot if you learn by “hit & trial” at this time.
Allow the spirit of “at least trying once an idea that strikes your mind”.

Good Luck.
Hope so, with above tips you have a thrilling experience at your college.

P.S.- Don’t forget to study. Though you can slow down a bit to learn “skills for real-life = People’s Skills”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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