True learning is liberating.

Many folks recieve their graduate degree without imbibing a sense of ‘true learning’.
So, what really is true learning?
“Something that liberates”.

》How can learning liberate?

If you understand “the basic laws of nature”, you never need to be a part of rat race.

There is no dearth of people with “great academics”.
But few among them do commendable work in real life.
Though their achievements cannot be ignored.
But what they lack is “application of theoritical principles in real life” in addition to People’s Skill.

Hence, they are always in chains & work tirelessly for scoring good marks keeping their CREATIVITY at stake.
They are good at following protocols but fail to create one for their life.

What I wish to convey is: “If you wish to reach pinnacle of success,  think out-of-the-box”.

Do you feel the above write-up meaningful & liberating to you?

》Look it this way.

Isn’t knowing that “there are plenty of people with good academics propels you to do something different?”.

How can you succeed in life without having an edge?

Discover your edge.
Improve what you are good at each day.

Real life is a complete new scenario.
Relationships,  health,  time, creativity,  passion- it all matters.
Deficiency of any one of them may degrade our life.

》Getting out of rat race.

Once you realise that you have to do something different , you can easily differentiate yourself from others.

That’s simply true learning.
That allows you to follow your heart.
For that you need to ask constantly from yourself:

“What I you is just because of what others are following blindly or is it path of your heart?”

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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