Review of ” Unfolding Dreams ” by Arun Malik.

“Unfolding Dreams ” by Arun Malik is a wonderful collection of quotes.

The Best quote I like is humorous yet witty:

The difference between managers & leaders is similar to that of Hardware & Software.
However, both are needed in balanced combination for organizational effectiveness”.


Isn’t it a nice analogy for Manager : Leader & Hardware : Software?

He beautifully explains why people who have faced injustice rise to become super-successful in life.

“Any injustice done to you is painful, but it brings a wealth of wisdom too, which we discover only when the pain subsides”.

In another quote, Arun Malik reminds us to focus on worthy & valuables.

“Those who fight with others over trivial matters soends their entire lifetime getting bogged down by slights & never achieve anything great in life”.

He brings out “the reason why some people are very hungry for success”,

” I have lost many times in life but that has only increased my hunger to be on a winning streak again”.

“Any short cuts to success also opens short cut routes for downfall”.

Above, he makes a conscious effort to tell us that there is no short-cut to sustained success.
If you work-hard for 3 months & become a stunning success then someone who shall work for 4 months in same direction shall defeat you.
Also, when we achieve overnight successes, our foundations are not solid.
Hence, we may fail soon.

Another thought provoking insights by him is :

” Deepest ocean is calmer & peaceful on the surface.
Similarly people with true wisdom & knowledge appear unassuming from their appearance “.

“The toughest goals will have the lowest competition”.

‘Unfolding Dreams’ successes in its efforts to keep the reader engaging & pondering over quotes.
A nice read!

You must grab it from the link below:π=SL75_FMwebp_QL65

About Author :

Arun Malik is author of Seven books. His bools are collection of original & inspiring quotes.
He tries to pen his life’s experiences through the medium of quotes.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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