Review of “The Reflections” by Arun Malik.

The book is very impressive & leaves you with a serene feeling once you finish it up.
It’s a lovely read that soothes mind.

The Book “The Reflections” is divided into four sections:

》Appreciating others.

Through unique & versatile quotes Arun cleverly indicates the importance of appreciating others.
Be it becoming famous in your social cirlce or influencing others.
The impact of appreciating others cannot be overruled.
It’s impact is tremendous.
No one forgets kind words of appreciations he/she recieves.
It’s life transforming.
So, in order to groom people into greatness, you need to start appreciating others.
Make it a habit.

In words of Arun Malik:

“Appreciation has the power to turn underdogs into superperformers if done consistently over a period of time”.

》 Words & Language.

Language is the medium of exchange of words, emotions & feelings.
Language affect our day to day business.

Words are very powerful tool of expression.

Remember, whenever you face interview, it’s all about the choices of words you use.
And you cannot fake to speak nice words in front of the panel if you really don’t use them in real life.


As Arun describes :

” Our choice of words reflects our inner state of mind. That’s why; gentle words reflect your innate goodness and stronger personality”.

So, try to make a shift in kind of words you use.
It affects your state of mind.

As Arun pen it beautifully :

” Images recieved in our mind are based on words we hear.
Our mental movie is based on words we assimilate during our day.
Make them as pleasant as possible”.

》Grooming Young Minds & Parenting.

This part is of utmost important.
As it deals with parenting, something that is integral part of our life.
It involves 3/4 of our lifetime.
So, to be good at it is an edge as it shall forever be a source of happiness and inspiration for you.

Some insights from Arun on Parenting:

–> In studies, children should be made to think for answers before you divulge them.
This will lead to healthy development, encouraging them to find solutions.

–>  The more time you spend with your children, the more you are investing in their future.

》General Quotes.

The two BEST quotes I liked from this section are:

“No one can stop the moment or time, for it will manifest through its natural force and nobody can catch time before it has presented itself.”


” The people we think we know well enough, generally disappoints us while the casual acquaintances from whom we have little expectations may become our saviours.
In short, we make major miscalculations on human behaviour throughout our lives”.

This was the BEST book out of other 4, I have read so far by Arun Malik.

You can grab it through the link below:

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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